The Lunettes


We are a quintet of strong, smart and independent women who may not have 20/20 vision, but are clear on what’s funny. We love to laugh and be creative once our day jobs let us leave. We take an ordinary suggestion from the audience and turn it into a high-energy show that combines wild physicality with a truck load of sass and a dash of ridiculous. The topics of dentistry, politics, bad jobs and even worse dates may come up. People often ask, what’s the secret of your great chemistry? Our answer: It’s organic. Watching our sets will give you a vibe of hanging out with your girl friends with a bottle of wine. So, get ready to see some cool moves and to hear a lot of bee noises.

Instagram: @the_lunettes


Ranna Bernard
Adele Dickson
Aden Dur-e-Aden
Alex Keenan
Kate Yule