Pepperoni Pizza Cats


Pepperoni Pizza Cats are litter of comedy kittens nurtured in the Longform Conservatory at The Second City Training Centre that grew up into a feral pepperoni improv pizza party! PPC were an inaugural Grad Team in The Assembly, where they are now proud to be a permanent House Team.
They have performed several shows at DCM, DIF, NYCIF, BCIF, The Toronto Celebration of Improv and Harold Fest on the festival circuit and produce their own monthly show in Toronto at The Social Capital Theatre. Their collective credits include The Second City (Tour Co & Ed Co), Bad Dog Feature Players, TVO Kids and Absolute Comedy to name a few.

Pepperoni Pizza Cats can’t wait to rip you off a big slice of crazy good fun; hot and fresh!

Facebook: @PPCimprov

Twitter: @PPCimprov

Instagram: @ppcimprov


Joe Amero
Ajahnis Charley
Laura Commisso
Connie Manfredi
Warren Ng
Franco Nguyen
Bradley Tingle
Jillian Welsh